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What to Do in Prague in May? Springtime Explorations

Welcome to‍ Prague in May, where the city comes⁣ alive with vibrant ⁣colors, blooming flowers, and a contagious sense of joy. As⁣ the chill‌ of winter ⁢fades away, the Czech ​capital reveals ​its hidden ⁢gems and offers a plethora of unforgettable⁣ experiences. Whether⁤ you’re⁢ a history buff eager to ⁣explore Prague Castle, a nature enthusiast fascinated by the‍ stunning landscapes ⁢of Petřín Hill, ⁤or ⁣a foodie looking to indulge ‌in ⁣local delicacies at the ​Farmer’s Market, ⁣there’s something for everyone in​ this ⁣picturesque city.‍ Join ​us ⁢as we uncover ⁣the​ delights and wonders that Prague has to offer during ‍the delightful ‍springtime of ⁣May.
1. Exploring Prague's Majestic Castles and‌ Historic Landmarks: A Guide to Unveiling the ⁢City's ‍Rich ⁤Heritage ‍in May

1. Exploring Prague’s Majestic Castles⁤ and Historic Landmarks: A Guide ‍to Unveiling the City’s Rich Heritage in May

As the vibrant month of May arrives, travelers to Prague ⁢are⁢ met with⁢ a plethora ‍of intriguing ⁤activities and sightseeing options. ‍One⁣ cannot⁤ miss the ‍opportunity ‌to explore‌ the majestic castles and historic landmarks that adorn the city, unveiling its rich heritage. Prague ⁢Castle, the largest ancient castle⁤ complex in the world, is a must-visit. The castle’s Gothic spires and ​intricate architecture provide a stunning ​backdrop to ⁢the city’s skyline.

Another iconic ‍landmark to ⁤discover⁣ is the ⁣Charles Bridge, whose 30 baroque statues line​ its sides. This 14th-century stone bridge serves ⁤as a gateway⁣ to the charming Old Town. Wandering⁣ through its narrow streets, visitors will be​ enchanted by ‍its colorful buildings, picturesque squares, and enchanting⁤ gardens. Make sure to visit the striking Astronomical Clock ⁤located in the heart ‌of the Old ‍Town ‌Square, which has been keeping time since the 15th​ century.

Diving deeper ⁢into Prague’s heritage, explore the intricate ‌beauty of St. Vitus ‍Cathedral, ​located within the Prague ‌Castle complex. Its captivating stained glass windows​ and grandeur will⁤ leave you in awe. For those ‍seeking ​a‌ more tranquil⁣ experience, head to the ‌Vyšehrad fortress, ​where ancient ‍walls encapsulate ‌an eternal sense of ⁤history and‍ provide breathtaking views of the⁤ Vltava‌ River.

2. Enjoying Nature in‌ Prague:‍ Parks, Gardens, and Picnic​ Spots for⁣ Relaxation Amidst ​Springtime Blooms

2. Enjoying Nature in⁢ Prague: ​Parks, Gardens, and Picnic Spots for Relaxation Amidst Springtime Blooms

Prague, with ‍its ​abundant parks, ‌gardens, and picnic spots, offers the⁤ perfect⁣ opportunity​ to‌ embrace ⁤nature and ⁤enjoy​ the beauty of springtime blooms. ‍As May rolls⁤ around,‍ the city⁢ comes alive with vibrant colors⁢ and fresh​ scents, providing ‌numerous ‍options for outdoor relaxation ⁤and exploration.

One of the must-visit ⁣destinations is the⁤ iconic Prague⁣ Castle Gardens. Nestled behind the‍ grandeur ⁢of Prague Castle,‍ these exquisite⁤ gardens ⁣date back to ​the 16th⁢ century and ‍offer stunning panoramic views of the​ city. Take a leisurely⁤ stroll through the manicured ‍grounds, marvel at the picturesque landscapes, and find a ⁣spot to sit and enjoy ​a picnic ⁣amidst the ​blooming cherry blossoms.

  • Escape the​ hustle and bustle of ⁣the city and head to Petřín Hill.‍ This serene oasis⁤ is home to an enchanting ‌park and ⁣a ⁤miniature version of ‍the Eiffel Tower, offering breathtaking views from its observation deck.
  • Vrtba Garden, a hidden gem ​located in‌ the Lesser Town area, is ⁤a baroque masterpiece ⁣that shouldn’t be missed. This meticulously landscaped⁢ garden is adorned with intricate sculptures, ‍fountains, and ​charming terraces that provide​ a tranquil ⁣retreat.
  • Liechtenstein⁣ Garden, tucked away in the Malá‌ Strana‌ district, is another hidden‍ paradise. This ⁢quiet and pristine green⁤ space ⁣is dotted with ponds,⁣ flower beds, and⁢ a ‌delightful orangery where ‌you can sit ⁣back and ⁢soak in ⁣the gentle breeze.

So, ⁢put on your walking shoes, pack a‌ picnic basket, and explore⁤ Prague’s​ parks, gardens, ⁤and picnic ⁣spots in May. Whether you ⁣seek solitude or​ want to spend ‍quality time with loved ones amidst ‍nature, Prague offers an unforgettable ⁤springtime experience.

3. Lively ‌Festivals and Cultural Events: Immerse ⁣Yourself in Prague's⁤ Vibrant‍ Springtime Scene

3. Lively Festivals⁢ and‌ Cultural Events: Immerse ‌Yourself ‌in Prague’s​ Vibrant Springtime Scene

Prague‍ comes alive⁤ in May with a plethora of lively ⁣festivals ‍and cultural ⁣events that ⁣are​ sure to make your springtime visit truly ⁢unforgettable. Immerse⁣ yourself‍ in the​ city’s vibrant ‌scene by‍ attending ‌one of these fantastic happenings:

1. Prague Spring‌ International Music ‌Festival: Indulge in the world of​ classical music at one‍ of the most renowned ​music ⁤festivals in Europe. With performances from internationally acclaimed musicians⁣ and⁢ orchestras,⁤ this ⁣is a must-see event for all music​ enthusiasts.⁢ From grand symphony concerts to intimate chamber recitals, ‍the‌ festival offers a diverse⁤ program that caters to all tastes.

2.​ Prague Food Festival:⁣ Calling ⁢all foodies!⁢ Discover‍ the rich culinary traditions‍ of Prague at​ the city’s ‍popular food festival. ⁢Sample⁤ a wide range of ⁢delicious ‍dishes ‌prepared by‍ top local⁢ chefs,‍ and relish in​ the flavors of Czech cuisine. From​ traditional dishes like goulash and ⁤dumplings to modern gastronomic creations, ​this​ festival ​is ​a true feast for the senses. Don’t miss the opportunity ‍to pair your⁣ meal with some local⁤ craft ‍beers⁤ or fine Czech wines for a complete gastronomical experience.

These vibrant ‌festivals and cultural events showcase the very best that Prague ⁣has to ‌offer. ⁢Whether you’re⁢ a music lover ‌or a food enthusiast, there is ⁣something for everyone to enjoy ⁤in‌ this ⁢charming ⁢city during⁤ the springtime. So ​mark your ‍calendars and ⁣get ready to immerse yourself​ in Prague’s vibrant ​scene!
4. Culinary​ Delights: Sampling Traditional‌ Czech Cuisine and Seasonal ⁤Treats in⁤ Prague's Top ​Restaurants and⁣ Markets

4. Culinary Delights: Sampling Traditional Czech Cuisine and Seasonal Treats in ⁢Prague’s Top Restaurants ​and Markets

In the enchanting city⁣ of Prague, ​May is the perfect time to ⁣indulge in the⁣ rich ⁣flavors of traditional Czech ​cuisine and savor the seasonal treats that‍ come alive in ⁤the city’s top restaurants and bustling markets.⁢ Immerse yourself in a culinary ‍journey where⁢ every bite⁤ tells‍ a story​ and every sip is a ‍celebration of⁤ flavors.

When it comes to ‍traditional Czech cuisine, there are a ‌few must-try dishes ‌that will⁤ leave you craving for ‌more. Start your⁤ culinary⁢ adventure with a classic favorite, Svíčková, a tender braised beef ⁣served with creamy sauce ⁣and bread ⁣dumplings. For⁣ those seeking a lighter option,‍ taste ​the smazeny syr, a​ deep-fried cheese served with tartar ‌sauce and fries.⁣ Pair your ⁤meal with a ​refreshing glass of ⁣locally brewed beer⁤ like Pilsner ‌Urquell⁢ or⁢ Budweiser ⁣Budvar for a truly ⁤authentic experience.

In addition to the ⁢renowned ​restaurants, ⁤Prague’s vibrant‌ food markets‍ offer a feast for the senses. ⁢Lose yourself in ‍the tantalizing aromas ​of freshly baked‌ trdelník, a sweet pastry coated⁢ in sugar‍ and ⁣cinnamon, or try the ⁣traditional koleno, a slow-roasted pork knuckle ‍that is ⁤crispy ‍on the outside and tender on ⁣the⁤ inside. Make sure⁣ to explore the stalls offering local cheeses,​ sausages,‍ and seasonal fruits, where‍ you can taste the⁢ true‌ essence of Czech culinary ⁢delights.

To⁤ make the most​ of your gastronomic adventure, we recommend trying ⁢out some hidden gems⁣ such as⁣ Lokál ‍or​ Restaurace Mlejnice, famous for their​ authentic Czech dishes⁤ and cozy⁤ atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to visit Havelský Market ⁤or‍ Náplavka Farmers’ Market,⁣ where⁢ you can mingle with the ​locals and discover unique food ‌products​ that reflect the⁤ culture⁣ and heritage‍ of this charming city.

5. Outdoor Activities in Prague:​ From‌ River ​Cruises to Hiking Trails, Unleashing the Spirit of‍ Adventure in Springtime

5. ⁤Outdoor Activities in Prague:‍ From ‌River Cruises to ​Hiking‌ Trails, Unleashing the Spirit of ‍Adventure⁢ in‍ Springtime

Springtime in Prague offers⁢ an array of exciting outdoor adventures ⁢to delight and invigorate any nature ​enthusiast. From leisurely river cruises to breathtaking hiking‌ trails, Prague’s ⁤outdoor activities in May are ⁣sure to‍ unleash your ⁤spirit ⁣of‍ adventure.

Embark on a​ serene river‍ cruise along the Vltava ​River, taking in the stunning‍ sights of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge ​from a unique perspective. Feel the​ gentle breeze on ⁣your⁣ face as you‍ leisurely float along the calm waters, savoring⁣ the beauty of the‌ city’s historic landmarks. For those seeking ⁤a more active ⁤experience, lace⁣ up ​your ⁢hiking boots and explore the picturesque trails in and around Prague.⁢ Lose yourself amidst the lush greenery​ and discover hidden gems like the stunning Divoka‌ Sarka nature reserve, ‌home to cascading waterfalls and⁤ rugged cliffs.

  • Marvel at⁤ the panoramic views​ of ‌the city from Petrin Hill, ‍an oasis of tranquility.
  • Immerse yourself ⁤in‍ the rich history of Prague while hiking through the enchanting Karlstejn Castle.
  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of⁤ the Bohemian‌ Switzerland⁢ National‍ Park on a⁢ day trip⁢ from‌ Prague.
  • Challenge yourself with the rugged terrain‌ of Cesky Raj, ⁤the Czech Republic’s‌ first protected landscape area.

Whether ‍you prefer the‍ serenity of⁢ a river ​cruise‌ or the exhilaration of hiking ​through nature, Prague in May promises unforgettable experiences that⁢ will leave you feeling refreshed ​and inspired. So ⁤pack your sense of adventure and get ‌ready ⁢to explore the‍ great⁤ outdoors in⁣ the heart of ⁣Europe.

6. Uncovering Prague's​ Artistic ⁤Gems: Museums, Galleries, and⁤ Street Art Exhibitions to Explore in May

6. Uncovering Prague’s Artistic Gems: Museums, Galleries, and Street Art Exhibitions to⁢ Explore ​in May

As​ spring​ unfolds in Prague, the city transforms‌ into a ⁤vibrant‌ hub of artistic expression. Whether⁣ you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in Prague’s‌ rich cultural‌ scene,​ May offers ​an array of captivating ⁢experiences. Step⁣ into ​the world of ‌creativity ‍by exploring Prague’s ⁣exceptional museums, galleries,‌ and⁢ captivating⁤ street art exhibitions.

Begin your artistic journey ⁤at the National Gallery,⁣ a⁢ treasure trove of masterpieces spanning various artistic periods. Marvel at the extensive collection of European ​art, including‌ renowned works ‍by Czech artists such as Alfons Mucha and Frantisek Kupka.​ Prepare to be enchanted as you ⁤wander ⁤through the stunning ‍exhibition halls ⁤featuring stunning sculptures, ⁤intricate​ tapestries, ⁣and fascinating installations.

For‌ those seeking contemporary art, head to the DOX Centre⁢ for Contemporary Art.⁢ This cutting-edge gallery ⁣showcases​ thought-provoking‌ exhibitions by ⁢both local and international⁢ artists, pushing boundaries and ​challenging traditional ‍artistic norms.‍ Marvel at the⁢ innovative installations and immersive ⁢multimedia experiences that will⁢ leave you with a​ fresh ⁢perspective ⁢on‌ modern art.

Immerse⁤ yourself in Prague’s​ street art scene ‍by exploring the colorful and ⁣dynamic neighborhoods of ‍Žižkov⁤ and Holešovice.⁢ Walk along ​the⁤ winding streets adorned with eye-catching murals and ‍intricate graffiti. Let ‌the vibrant ⁣colors and thought-provoking imagery ⁢of street art ⁤transport you into the minds of talented local‌ artists. ⁢Don’t forget to ⁤capture Instagram-worthy photos and discover hidden gems in⁣ this open-air art gallery.

  • National Gallery‍ – The art lover’s paradise, showcasing European masterpieces and Czech‌ artists’ works.
  • DOX Centre for Contemporary Art⁢ – ⁣A leading gallery for contemporary ⁢art‍ with ​innovative ​exhibitions.
  • Žižkov and Holešovice‍ – Revel‍ in ‌the captivating street art scene and explore stunning murals ⁢and graffiti.

Prague‍ in May is ‌a haven⁤ for art enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Whether ​you’re⁢ drawn to⁤ classical art ⁤or crave the ⁢contemporary, ‍Prague’s artistic gems await your​ discovery.

7. Experience Prague's Nightlife: Live Music, ⁣Jazz Clubs, and⁣ Rooftop Bars for an Unforgettable Evening

7. ​Experience Prague’s‌ Nightlife: Live Music, Jazz Clubs, and Rooftop⁣ Bars​ for an Unforgettable Evening

Prague comes alive⁤ in May, offering endless opportunities for springtime explorations.⁤ Besides its stunning architecture and rich history, Prague is also known ‍for its vibrant⁤ nightlife‌ scene. Whether you’re a Jazz enthusiast or a⁢ fan of live ​music, Prague ‌has something for everyone to⁢ enjoy after the⁣ sun goes⁤ down.

Immerse yourself in the ‌rhythm ⁤of⁤ the⁤ city by exploring‍ Prague’s live music‌ venues. From intimate bars to larger concert halls, you’ll find​ a diverse range of⁣ genres to suit your taste.⁣ Head to La ​Loca Music Bar for a lively atmosphere and ‌performances​ by local bands. If you’re​ a jazz lover, Mecca is a must-visit,‍ known for its superb ⁤acoustics and ‌exceptional⁤ musicians. Sit back, relax, ⁣and let the⁤ soothing melodies transport you to another world. Don’t⁢ forget ‌to check out ‌Jazz Dock, a stunning venue located right ⁤on the⁣ bank of the Vltava River, where ⁢you⁢ can enjoy live⁢ jazz​ performances‍ and concerts ⁢while taking⁢ in breathtaking views ⁣of Prague Castle.

As the evening unfolds, make your way to⁢ one of ‌Prague’s rooftop ⁤bars for an ⁤unforgettable experience. Enjoy panoramic views of the⁣ city’s ⁣skyline as you sip on your favorite cocktail and ‌soak up the ​vibrant atmosphere. Cloud 9 Sky Bar ⁣& ‌Lounge⁤ is a ‌popular choice,‌ offering ⁣breathtaking views from its terrace ⁣on the⁣ ninth floor.⁤ Not only can you ⁤marvel​ at the stunning surroundings, but⁤ you can also indulge in delicious food and drinks. ⁣Fancy a drink under the stars? Visit T-Anker, a ​unique rooftop beer garden that offers⁣ a ‍wide selection of craft beers and stunning ‍vistas of Prague’s historic center.

In Prague, ⁤May is ‌the perfect time ‍to explore the city’s nightlife and immerse yourself‌ in the energetic atmosphere. Whether you⁤ choose to sway ⁣to the rhythm⁢ of live ‌music, get lost in the ⁢smooth sounds of jazz,‍ or admire⁣ the city lights from a rooftop bar, Prague promises an unforgettable⁤ evening ‍of⁣ entertainment and adventure.
8. Day Trips​ from Prague:‌ Exploring ⁤the Countryside and ‍Nearby Towns for ‍a Quieter Springtime ‌Escape

8. ⁢Day Trips from Prague: Exploring the Countryside and Nearby Towns for a‌ Quieter Springtime Escape

⁣ ‍ Looking for a peaceful getaway from the hustle and​ bustle of ​Prague? In May,‌ when ​spring is ⁤in full bloom, there are several picturesque day trips ⁣you can take⁣ from⁤ the ‍capital city to ‌explore ⁤the​ idyllic countryside and charming nearby‍ towns. ​Pack your ‌bags‌ and ‌venture out into the serene landscapes surrounding Prague, where you⁤ can immerse yourself in nature, soak up‍ the rich history, and ⁤unwind in a⁤ more ⁢relaxed atmosphere. Here are some of ‌the‌ top destinations‍ to⁢ consider for a quieter springtime escape:

1. Kutná ‍Hora:

‌ Just‌ a short⁤ train ride from Prague,⁢ Kutná Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage⁤ Site known ⁢for its‌ stunning gothic architecture and captivating history. Don’t miss the famous‌ Sedlec Ossuary,⁤ a bone ⁤chapel ‍adorned with the remains ‌of ⁢approximately 40,000 people. Explore the medieval⁢ streets, visit the impressive ⁤St. Barbara’s Church, and learn about the city’s silver​ mining past. Kutná Hora ⁢offers a perfect‌ blend ⁤of⁢ culture, history, and tranquility, making it an​ ideal day trip destination.

2.⁢ Český Krumlov:

⁣ Located in ‍the scenic Bohemia region, Český Krumlov‍ is a fairy-tale-like town that will transport you back in⁢ time.‍ Wander through ​its cobblestone streets, admire the ⁤well-preserved Renaissance architecture, and⁣ take a relaxing boat ride along ⁣the Vltava‌ River. Don’t forget to visit Český Krumlov Castle,⁤ a majestic‍ landmark overlooking the ​town. With its charming atmosphere and ‍enchanting surroundings,⁤ Český Krumlov ‌provides a perfect⁣ escape from the city’s ‌crowds and a chance ‍to indulge ‍in the beauty of spring.

9. Shopping and Souvenirs: Navigating ​Prague's⁣ Markets and Boutiques for Unique Czech Crafts and⁢ Wares

9. Shopping​ and Souvenirs: Navigating ‌Prague’s Markets ​and Boutiques for Unique Czech Crafts‍ and Wares

In⁢ the charming ‍city of ⁤Prague, May is⁣ the perfect ⁢time to explore‌ the local markets and boutiques, where you ​can‍ find unique​ Czech crafts and wares. ‍Let’s dive ⁤into the bustling shopping scene, brimming with treasures⁤ waiting to be discovered.

First stop on your ‍shopping adventure should be⁤ the ⁢famous Havelské Tržiště Market. Located in the heart of the city, ⁣this vibrant market offers a wide⁤ range of traditional ⁤Czech ‍products. Stroll through the maze​ of stalls and ‌immerse‍ yourself in the sights and sounds of local artisans showcasing their handmade ‍jewelry,⁣ ceramics, and wooden crafts.​ Don’t forget ‌to sample ‌some delicious local⁢ treats, like trdelník‍ (a sweet pastry) or pick up a bottle of Moravian wine⁤ to take ‍home as a perfect ​souvenir. ‍

Next, venture into ⁣Prague’s boutique scene, ⁤where you’ll find an array of unique shops tucked⁢ away in the ⁢city’s quirky neighborhoods. Explore the narrow ‍cobblestone streets of Lesser Town and⁢ stumble upon charming boutiques offering stylish clothing, accessories, and home decor. If you’re a book lover, be sure to visit Shakespeare and​ Sons, a popular English bookstore that will transport ⁢you to a literary wonderland. For ⁣fashion enthusiasts,⁢ the elegant ⁣boutiques along ⁣Pařížská Street are a​ must-visit, ‍showcasing⁣ both local​ and international designers. ⁤With ‌its eclectic mix of markets ⁣and boutiques, Prague in ‍May promises⁢ an unforgettable shopping⁣ experience filled​ with hidden ⁣gems and Czech ‌craftsmanship.
10. Relaxation ⁢and Spa Retreats: Unwinding in Prague's Tranquil Wellness ⁢Centers⁣ and Thermal​ Baths

10. Relaxation and Spa Retreats: Unwinding in ⁣Prague’s‌ Tranquil Wellness Centers‌ and Thermal Baths

If you’re ⁢planning a ​visit‍ to ‍Prague⁣ in May, make ⁣sure to take advantage‍ of the city’s tranquil wellness ⁢centers ‍and thermal ‌baths for ⁤the ⁣ultimate relaxation‌ experience. Prague ⁣is ⁣known for its⁤ rich ‌history and stunning ​architecture, but it’s also ​a destination ⁣that‌ offers plenty⁢ of opportunities ‍for rejuvenation and pampering.

One⁢ of the top spots to unwind is the Therme Prague, a haven of relaxation nestled in the ‌heart of‌ the city. This⁤ state-of-the-art ⁣spa⁣ offers ⁢a range of treatments and ⁣therapies to help you⁢ find‍ balance and tranquility. ‍From‌ rejuvenating massages to​ soothing hot stone therapies, there’s⁢ something for everyone.‍ Don’t forget to ⁢try out​ their unique thermal ​baths, which are designed to promote deep relaxation and relieve⁣ tension. With its modern facilities and serene atmosphere, Therme Prague is⁣ the‌ perfect ⁢place to escape ⁣the hustle‌ and bustle of the city.

Another must-visit ‍wellness center ‍in​ Prague is the Spa and Wellness ⁣Hotel Carlsbad Plaza. ⁣Located in the picturesque district of Karlovy Vary, this luxurious retreat offers‌ a wide⁤ range ‍of‌ spa treatments, including traditional Czech baths‍ and‍ massages. The ⁣spa’s expert therapists use high-quality products and techniques⁤ to ensure an unforgettable​ experience. Indulge in a therapeutic massage with⁢ aromatic oils, ‍relax in the sauna, or take a ‌dip in the mineral-rich thermal pools. The Spa and Wellness Hotel ​Carlsbad⁢ Plaza ⁢is ‍the⁤ perfect destination for⁣ those seeking⁤ a truly tranquil‌ and‌ rejuvenating spa ⁤retreat ​in Prague.⁣ Thank‌ you for joining us on this ⁣journey through Prague ‍in May, where ⁣spring ⁢unveils the⁤ city’s true​ charm. From blooming gardens​ to vibrant festivals, this magical season offers a myriad of experiences for ‍every⁢ traveler.

As the temperatures⁣ rise, Prague ​embraces a lively atmosphere.⁤ We’ve⁢ discovered the captivating Prague ⁤Spring International⁣ Music Festival, a‌ true⁤ celebration of classical music that⁤ immerses ⁤you⁢ in a world⁣ of melodic beauty. Meanwhile, ​the Kampa Park ​in Lesser Town ‌blooms into‌ a colorful oasis, inviting you to ⁣relax​ and enjoy a picnic⁤ on its ‍lush green lawns.

But ‍the wonders ⁢of Prague in May⁣ don’t stop there. We’ve unveiled secret gardens tucked away in ‌the city’s corners, such as the hidden ​gem of the Vrtba ⁢Garden. With its Baroque beauty and panoramic views, it’s‍ a tranquil haven amidst ​the bustling streets.

If you’re a food ⁣enthusiast,‌ you’re in for ​a treat as May brings the Prague⁣ Food Festival. Feast on culinary delights from⁣ top local chefs and indulge in the city’s ⁢gastronomic excellence. And don’t forget⁢ to explore⁢ the ⁤city’s architectural wonders, from the iconic ‍Prague Castle to the Art Nouveau⁤ splendor⁤ of ⁤Municipal House.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, ⁣go forth ⁤and⁢ embrace the wonders ‌of ​Prague in May. Let the beauty‍ and energy ⁣of springtime ​carry you⁤ through this enchanting city, leaving you with unforgettable memories and a yearning to return. Safe travels!

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