Must-Eat Foods in Prague: Taste the Local Delicacies
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Must-Eat Foods in Prague: Taste the Local Delicacies

Welcome to Prague, a city ​that boasts not only breathtaking‌ architecture‍ and rich history, but also​ a vibrant food scene‌ that will tantalize your ​taste buds. In this⁢ article, we will guide you through the ⁢must-eat foods in ‍Prague, allowing you to immerse ⁢yourself in the local culinary traditions and indulge in ‍the ​city’s unique delicacies. From‍ hearty traditional dishes like goulash and svíčková,‍ to mouthwatering pastries such as trdelník ⁣and koláče, we’ve ‍got you‍ covered. So, get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure ‍and ‍experience the unforgettable flavors ​of ⁤Prague’s local⁤ cuisine.
Heading ⁣1: Exploring Prague's Culinary Scene: A⁤ Delicious Introduction to Local ⁢Delicacies

Heading 1: Exploring Prague’s Culinary ‌Scene: A ​Delicious Introduction to Local Delicacies

Prague is a city⁤ that not only offers breathtaking views and rich history but also a ‌vibrant ​culinary scene ‌that will leave your taste ​buds wanting‌ more. From​ savory dishes to⁢ sweet treats, the‍ city has an array of must-eat foods‍ that⁢ are ‍sure to please any⁤ food enthusiast.

One of the ‌top ⁣delicacies ⁤to try in ‌Prague‍ is the iconic Trdelník. This delicious pastry⁢ is made by‍ wrapping a strip⁣ of​ dough around‌ a⁣ wooden‌ stick, then cooked over an ⁣open flame until ‍it ‌turns ⁤golden brown and crispy on ⁣the‌ outside. The inside is soft and doughy, ‍offering a ⁢delightful contrast in textures. It’s often⁢ rolled in cinnamon sugar and can be filled ​with ice cream or other mouthwatering fillings. A⁣ must-try treat for any ‍sweet tooth!

Another must-eat food in Prague⁢ is‌ the mouthwatering Goulash. This hearty⁢ stew⁣ is a staple in Czech ⁢cuisine and is made with ​tender ‍beef, ‍onions, garlic, and plenty of paprika for‌ that rich and smoky flavor. Served with ‌freshly baked ⁣bread or dumplings, this dish is perfect for warming up on ‍a‍ chilly ⁤day. The‍ combination ‍of ⁤tender meat and savory sauce will leave you‌ craving more.

Prague’s ‌culinary scene⁤ also offers unique‌ dishes like ‌smažený sýr, which is⁣ a‍ deep-fried ⁢cheese often served with ‌tartar sauce. It may not be the healthiest option, but ⁢the indulgence ‌is worth it. The⁢ outer layer is crispy, while ⁢the ​inside oozes ⁤with ⁣melted cheese that’s incredibly⁣ satisfying.‍ Pair it with a ‍Czech beer ‌for⁢ the ultimate combination.

These are just a few of the ⁢must-eat foods that Prague has to offer. Whether you’re a foodie or‌ simply looking ⁣to ‍explore the local‌ delicacies, be sure to ​indulge in these tantalizing treats during ​your visit to the Czech capital.

Heading 2:⁤ Traditional Czech‍ Cuisine: Must-Try ⁢Dishes and Where to Find⁣ Them in Prague

Heading 2:⁣ Traditional‌ Czech Cuisine: ​Must-Try Dishes and Where to Find Them⁤ in Prague

Prague, the ​capital of the Czech Republic, offers a rich culinary experience that is deeply ⁤rooted in its traditional cuisine.‍ From​ hearty stews to delectable pastries, the‍ city is a treasure ⁣trove of must-try dishes that ⁢will leave your⁢ taste buds craving for ‍more.

One iconic dish⁢ that should be ​on every⁣ food ​lover’s list is goulash. This⁢ hearty stew is​ made with ‌tender chunks of beef, onions, and ⁣the signature blend of spices that give it​ a unique and flavorful taste. ‌Served with dumplings⁤ or bread, goulash is⁤ a⁤ true comfort food that ‍will warm your⁤ soul‍ on a chilly‍ Prague evening.

If you ⁣have ⁤a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on ⁤trdelník. This mouthwatering pastry ​is made by wrapping dough ‌around a wooden stick,⁣ roasting⁢ it‍ over an ‌open flame,‌ and then topping it with sugar and cinnamon. The result is a crispy yet ‌soft treat that​ pairs perfectly with ​a warm cup of⁤ coffee or⁢ hot chocolate.

To experience the best ⁤of traditional Czech cuisine, head to some of Prague’s local eateries such‌ as⁢ Lokal or U ⁤Vejvodů. These ‍cozy establishments‌ not only serve authentic dishes ‌but also provide ⁤a glimpse​ into the country’s ⁣vibrant ‌food culture. So, ‍embark⁣ on a culinary adventure and indulge in ‍Prague’s must-eat foods, because trust‍ us, you ⁤won’t be disappointed.
Heading 3: Indulge in Prague's Iconic⁢ Street Food: Unforgettable Flavors‍ on ​the Go

Heading 3: Indulge⁤ in Prague’s Iconic Street ⁣Food: Unforgettable Flavors on the Go

Prague is not only⁤ known ‍for its‌ stunning architecture and​ rich history, but ⁣it is also a‍ haven for food lovers. With​ its‌ vibrant culinary scene, the city offers an‌ array of must-eat foods that will​ tantalize‍ your ⁢taste​ buds‌ and⁣ leave you craving for more. One of the best ways to experience the local flavors⁣ is by indulging ‍in Prague’s iconic street food.

When it comes ​to street⁣ food, ⁤Prague ‍has ‌a lot to offer. From savory‍ to sweet,‍ there is something for everyone. One of the most popular ⁣street food dishes is Trdelník, a sweet pastry⁤ that is made by‍ wrapping dough ⁢around⁣ a⁣ metal rod‌ and⁤ grilling it until it⁤ becomes crispy on the outside and ​fluffy on the inside. It is then coated with sugar and cinnamon, ​resulting in‌ a mouthwatering ‌treat that ‌is perfect for satisfying your⁢ sweet tooth.

Another must-try street food ‍in Prague is the ⁢Czech sausage, ⁤known as Klobása. This grilled sausage is made from ⁤a combination of ​pork and beef, ⁤seasoned with garlic and other ‍spices. Served in a fresh‌ bun and topped with mustard ⁣or ketchup, it is the ultimate comfort ‍food that ‍will keep you energized as you explore the ⁣city.

If you are a fan of cheese,⁤ then you cannot ‌miss out on trying Smažený⁤ Sýr, ‌which⁢ is basically fried⁤ cheese. This indulgent dish is made by coating a slice of Edam or Hermelin cheese in ⁣breadcrumbs and​ frying it until golden and crispy. Served ⁤with tartar ⁢sauce or a side of fries, it is​ a true cheesy​ delight that ‍will leave you‍ wanting more.

Whether⁣ you⁢ are⁤ strolling through the narrow ⁤streets of​ Old Town​ or exploring ​the vibrant markets, make sure to⁢ make a pit⁢ stop at one of the‍ many street food stalls ‌to taste these unforgettable flavors on the go.‍ Embark on⁢ a⁣ culinary ⁣adventure and discover the delicious local ‍delicacies ​that ⁤Prague has to offer.⁢ Bold flavors ⁢and unique ‍combinations await you ⁣in‍ every⁤ bite, ‍promising an unforgettable experience.
Heading 4: ⁤The Perfect Pair: Prague's ​Beer and ⁤Traditional Czech Snacks ⁤for a ⁤Memorable Experience

Heading 4: The Perfect Pair: Prague’s Beer and Traditional ⁤Czech Snacks⁣ for a Memorable‌ Experience

The Perfect⁢ Pair:⁣ Prague’s Beer ⁣and Traditional⁢ Czech Snacks for a ​Memorable Experience

Prague, the charming capital of the Czech Republic, is not only famous for its stunning⁣ architecture and picturesque streets ⁢but also for its rich ‍culinary delights. When ⁣it comes to food, there are ‌few things ⁤that can rival the satisfaction of⁢ indulging in traditional Czech snacks while sipping on⁢ a‍ cold, ‌refreshing​ beer. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or⁣ simply someone who enjoys good food,⁣ exploring the perfect pairing of Prague’s beer and local delicacies⁢ is an ⁢absolute ‌must-do for a memorable ‍experience.

One of the most ‍iconic Czech snacks that⁣ perfectly complements a pint ‌of⁤ beer is the traditional⁣ trdelník. This⁤ delectable pastry is made by‌ wrapping a sweet‌ dough around a wooden stick, grilling​ it until ‍it turns golden brown, ‌and ‌then generously coating it with sugar and ground walnuts. The ⁢combination of the warm, flaky pastry and the cold, ‌frothy beer creates a‍ mouthwatering blend of​ flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Additionally, when in⁤ Prague, you cannot​ miss​ trying the famous “utopenec” or “drowned man.” This appetizing snack consists of‌ a pickled sausage⁤ that is‍ typically‍ drowned in a jar of‍ vinegar, onions, and various spices. The tanginess of the⁤ sausage and the acidity of the pickling ⁢liquid make ⁣it an ⁢ideal⁤ companion to beer, as it helps cleanse the palate‍ between sips and enhances the overall ⁣taste ⁣experience.

Lastly, no exploration ‍of Prague’s beer ⁢and ‍traditional Czech snacks would be complete without mentioning “smazeny⁣ syr” or fried cheese. This beloved dish involves coating a ‌thick slice of ⁢Edam or Hermelín cheese⁣ in a crispy batter and deep-frying it until it reaches a perfect⁣ golden hue. ⁣The result is a crunchy outer layer that gives way ‌to a gooey, melted cheese center. Paired with a cold⁢ beer, each bite of this indulgence will transport your taste buds ​to pure gastronomic ‍bliss.

So, whether⁣ you’re wandering the ⁢streets‍ of Prague’s Old Town or⁢ immersing ⁣yourself in​ the lively atmosphere of ‌a local ⁢beer ⁤garden,⁤ be sure to delve into the experience of pairing Prague’s beer with traditional Czech snacks.⁣ It’s a tantalizing⁣ adventure that will ⁤create lasting memories and leave you ​yearning for another visit to this culinary haven.
Heading 5: Beyond Goulash: Czech⁢ Soups and Stews that Warm the Soul in ‍Prague

Heading ‍5: Beyond Goulash: Czech⁢ Soups and Stews that⁢ Warm the Soul in Prague

Beyond ⁢Goulash: Czech Soups and Stews that Warm the ⁢Soul ⁢in Prague

Prague, the enchanting‍ capital of the ​Czech ⁢Republic, is ​often known for its classic dish, goulash. ‍However,‍ this⁢ culinary gem offers ​so‍ much⁤ more when‍ it comes to hearty comfort foods. Embark on a culinary journey and dive into the ​world of Czech soups and stews that will⁢ truly warm your soul.

While goulash​ holds a⁤ special place in Czech‌ cuisine, locals also savor a wide array of other ⁤traditional soups‍ and stews that ‍are ‍worth exploring. One ⁢such delicacy is the legendary “Svíčková,” a⁢ flavorful​ beef ⁤stew served ​with a​ creamy sauce made from root vegetables and topped with tangy‍ cranberry sauce. ⁤You’ll ‌be amazed at the harmonious blend of‌ savory and sweet flavors ‍that will⁤ dance on your taste buds.

Another must-try soup‍ is the popular⁣ “Kulajda,” a creamy⁤ potato‍ soup with dill and mushrooms,‌ known for its⁤ unique combination of flavors. If you’re a fan of⁤ wild game, ‌the “Moravian‌ Sparrow” ⁣stew is‌ a game-changer. Tender ⁤pieces ‍of ⁣sparrow ​meat marinated in red wine, slowly simmered with bacon, onions, and⁣ aromatic spices, create a rich ⁤and succulent dish that will⁤ take you on a gastronomic journey.

With such a diverse range of ‍soups and ⁢stews, Prague offers a true culinary delight for every food enthusiast. So, let your​ taste buds ​wander beyond goulash and‌ discover⁣ the‍ soul-warming wonders that Czech⁤ cuisine has to offer.
Heading 6: Satisfy ⁢Your Sweet Tooth: Prague's ​Delectable‍ Desserts and Pastry Shops

Heading 6:⁣ Satisfy‍ Your Sweet Tooth: Prague’s Delectable Desserts and Pastry Shops

Prague, the enchanting ⁤capital of ⁤the Czech Republic, is⁣ a city that beckons⁣ food lovers with its irresistible delicacies. One aspect of the local cuisine‌ that shouldn’t be missed is ⁢the mouthwatering desserts and pastry ‍shops⁢ that dot the city.⁣ If you⁤ have a sweet tooth, Prague⁢ is the ⁢ultimate paradise for indulging in delectable treats.

From traditional Czech desserts ‌to‍ international favorites‌ with a local twist, Prague’s pastry shops⁢ offer ​a tantalizing array ​of options. Sink your teeth into a trdelník, a sweet and doughy pastry rolled‍ in cinnamon and sugar,⁣ or try the famous Kolache, a traditional Czech pastry filled with fruit,⁢ poppy seed, or sweet ‌cheese.‍ These treats are‍ the perfect accompaniment to a cup of⁣ aromatic coffee or tea.

Step into one of Prague’s charming⁣ pastry shops and you’ll be greeted with an⁣ array of delicious options. Whether ​you prefer creamy cakes, ⁣flaky pastries, ‌or chocolate creations, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Don’t miss out on the iconic‍ Czech dessert, the ⁢Palačinky, thin ‍pancakes filled with ⁤jam, ⁣fruit, or chocolate⁤ spread. With their delicate texture and sweet fillings, they are⁢ sure⁣ to ‌leave a lasting impression.

So, if ⁤you​ find yourself ⁤in Prague, make sure to save room ⁣for​ dessert and​ embark on a culinary adventure through ⁤the city’s delightful pastry shops. Indulge in the ⁢sweet delights that Prague has to offer and ⁣treat⁤ your taste buds to a symphony ‍of flavors and textures. ⁣With each ⁢bite,​ you’ll discover ​why ⁣Prague is a destination not only for its breathtaking architecture but also for its ⁢irresistible ‍desserts.
Heading 7: From Cheese to ‌Sausages: Prague's Rich Delicatessen⁢ Culture and ‍Where to ​Sample the Best

Heading 7: From Cheese⁣ to Sausages:⁢ Prague’s Rich⁣ Delicatessen Culture ⁢and Where to Sample the ⁢Best

Prague,‌ the capital​ city⁢ of the Czech⁤ Republic, boasts an incredibly rich delicatessen⁢ culture‌ that any food lover should explore. From ⁣the creamy and tangy ‍cheese to the smoky and savory sausages, ⁣Prague offers a ​wide range of ⁤delectable treats that​ will tantalize your taste buds.

When⁣ it comes⁤ to cheese,⁢ Prague’s delis⁣ are​ a haven for cheese​ enthusiasts. Be sure⁢ to ​try the traditional Czech cheese called “Hermelín.” ‍This soft and creamy‍ cheese ‌is often served with freshly baked bread and pairs perfectly with a‌ glass of local beer. Another must-try ⁤is ‌”Olomoucké tvarůžky,” a⁢ pungent⁢ and crumbly cheese⁢ that is ‍a beloved local specialty.

Now, let’s talk about sausages –⁤ a ⁢staple in Czech cuisine. The “klobása,” a ⁤classic ​Czech sausage, is ‍worth seeking out. Made ​with a combination of pork and ‍beef, it is seasoned with a ⁣blend of spices that give it a unique flavor. For a spicier option, ⁤try the “pikantní klobása,” ‌a hot and‍ fiery ‌sausage that will satisfy those craving a⁤ little heat.

To truly immerse yourself‍ in ‍Prague’s⁤ delicatessen culture, make sure to ⁢visit the city’s vibrant food markets and sample‌ the diverse range of‌ cheeses⁣ and ⁢sausages on offer. With such a rich ​variety to choose ⁣from,⁢ you’re certain ​to find something that will ​leave a lasting impression on ⁣your taste buds. Whether you’re a cheese aficionado ​or a sausage lover, Prague‌ has something to ⁢offer everyone’s palate.
Heading 8: Exploring Prague's ‌Farmers'⁤ Markets:‍ Locally Sourced⁢ Ingredients and Tasty Finds

Heading 8:⁢ Exploring⁤ Prague’s Farmers’⁣ Markets: Locally Sourced Ingredients and ‌Tasty Finds

When in Prague, it is a must to explore ⁣the city’s vibrant farmers’ markets where ⁣you can ⁤immerse yourself‌ in⁢ the local ​food scene and indulge in ⁢delicious, locally sourced ​ingredients. From fresh fruits​ and vegetables to artisanal products and⁣ traditional delicacies, ⁣these markets offer a ⁤cornucopia‍ of‍ flavors that will leave you craving for ​more.

One‍ of ​the top must-eat foods you should try in Prague‍ is the iconic Trdelník, a sweet pastry that is popular ⁤among locals and ‍tourists‌ alike.‍ This cylindrical-shaped ‌delight‍ is made by wrapping dough around a metal rod,⁤ then grilling it over an ‍open ‍flame ‌until it turns ⁣golden brown. The warm Trdelník is then coated in cinnamon, sugar, and⁤ sometimes nuts for an irresistible‌ sweet treat.

Another delicacy ‌you shouldn’t miss is the traditional‍ Czech dish, Smažený Sýr, or fried cheese. ⁣This comforting snack consists of a⁤ thick slice of cheese that is breaded and⁢ fried until it ⁢achieves a crispy golden exterior while ‌keeping the gooeyness intact on ‍the ⁤inside. Served with ⁢tartar ⁣sauce and⁢ a slice of​ lemon, Smažený Sýr is‍ the ultimate indulgence for ​cheese lovers.

While​ exploring Prague’s farmers’ markets, be​ sure to also ‌sample ‌the local honey, artisanal sausages, pickles, and an assortment of freshly ​baked bread. These markets provide a unique opportunity to‍ taste the flavors of Czech cuisine, support local producers, and ⁣experience the city’s culinary culture ​firsthand. Don’t forget to bring a​ big‍ appetite because the tantalizing options are ⁣endless!

Heading ‌9: ⁤Hidden Gems: ⁣Lesser-Known ‍Authentic ⁢Prague Restaurants for a Unique Dining‍ Experience

Heading 9: Hidden‍ Gems: Lesser-Known ⁤Authentic ‌Prague Restaurants‍ for a Unique Dining Experience

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Authentic Prague⁤ Restaurants ‌for ⁢a ‌Unique Dining Experience

When exploring the‍ vibrant ‍city of Prague, ⁣don’t​ miss out on the opportunity to tantalize your⁣ taste⁢ buds ‌with a true culinary adventure. While the ​city is⁣ renowned ⁢for its magnificent architecture ​and ⁣rich history,⁣ it ‍also ⁣boasts a culinary scene that is just as enticing. Escape the tourist traps and immerse yourself in⁣ the​ local culture by ⁢seeking out ‌these lesser-known, ⁣but ‍utterly authentic,⁤ Prague restaurants for a‌ unique dining experience.

1. Lokál Dlouhááá

Step‌ into the bustling ⁤atmosphere of Lokál Dlouhááá and discover⁤ a hidden ​gem beloved ⁣by locals. Feast on traditional Czech dishes made with love, such ⁤as⁤ tender roasted pork ⁤knee, savory⁣ goulash, ⁢and the ⁣must-try ⁤smažený⁤ sýr – ​a mouthwatering deep-fried cheese served ‌with tartar sauce. Wash​ it all down with one of their outstanding locally-brewed beers while mingling ⁢with friendly ‌Prague residents.

2. ⁢Maitrea

For ​those seeking a‌ vegetarian or vegan ​culinary experience, head⁣ to Maitrea. Tucked away in a⁤ charming courtyard, this cozy restaurant offers a ​range of delectable plant-based​ dishes that are ‍as‍ visually appeasing as they are scrumptious. Indulge in their fragrant ⁢coconut curry, ⁢zucchini spaghetti, or their heavenly ‍vegan chocolate cake.⁢ With​ its serene ⁤ambiance and ⁤exceptional service, Maitrea embodies ‌the perfect escape‌ from‌ the bustling⁢ city streets.

3. Las ​Adelitas

If you’re longing ⁢for‍ a ‍taste ⁣of ‍Mexico in ⁣the heart of Prague, look no further ⁢than ‍Las Adelitas. This hidden​ gem delivers an explosion of‌ authentic‌ Mexican​ flavors that will transport your taste buds to the sun-drenched streets ‍of Tijuana. ‍Sample their mouthwatering ⁢tacos, savor⁤ their homemade‍ guacamole, and sip on a refreshing margarita. ​Las Adelitas is a true testament‌ to the ⁤global ​diversity ⁢of Prague’s culinary offerings.

Indulge in the ⁣extraordinary gastronomic delights that Prague has to ​offer by venturing off the beaten ⁢path and discovering these hidden gems. With their authentic ambiance and mouthwatering‍ dishes, Lokál Dlouhááá, Maitrea,⁤ and Las Adelitas⁣ are just a taste of the unforgettable experiences awaiting⁤ you in the ⁤heart of this⁢ enchanting city.

Heading 10: Veggie Delights: Prague's Vegetarian ⁤and Vegan Food Scene

Heading 10: Veggie ⁢Delights: ⁣Prague’s Vegetarian and Vegan‌ Food⁣ Scene

Prague, the capital city⁤ of the‌ Czech Republic, is not ‍only famous for ‌its stunning architecture and rich history but also for its⁣ incredibly diverse and thriving food ⁢scene. While traditional Czech​ cuisine may be heavily meat-based, the city ​has embraced the growing demand for vegetarian⁤ and vegan options, making it a⁣ haven for plant-based food lovers ​from⁢ all ⁢around the world.

When exploring ⁤Prague’s​ vegetarian and vegan food scene, you’ll discover an abundance of culinary‌ delights that⁤ cater to ‌various dietary preferences. ⁤From trendy ⁢cafes offering ⁢delicious​ plant-based ‌alternatives ⁢to‌ traditional meat ‌dishes, ⁣to ​fine ⁤dining restaurants specializing ‌in creative vegan ‍cuisine, there‍ is‌ something for⁤ everyone.

Some must-try dishes in Prague include:

  • Trdelník: ‌This ​sweet pastry‌ is a staple in ‍Prague and can be found in various‌ flavors such as cinnamon, chocolate,⁤ or even ‌filled with vegan ⁤ice cream. It’s a delightful​ treat⁢ that will satisfy your⁢ sweet ⁤tooth!
  • Svíčková: Don’t‍ miss the opportunity to try the vegetarian version of this traditional ​Czech ⁤dish. ⁣It usually⁢ consists of​ marinated seitan ​or ⁣tofu ‍served with‍ creamy ⁤vegetable sauce, ⁢dumplings, and cranberry compote. ⁣The ⁣flavors and ⁤textures will leave you wanting more.
  • Bramborák: These crispy potato ⁤pancakes⁢ are⁣ a beloved street food ​snack that‍ can ⁣be enjoyed by⁤ vegetarians ⁣and vegans alike.⁢ Served with⁤ a refreshing garlic ⁣dip or ‌vegan mayo, they ‌make ‍for ​a perfect on-the-go treat.

Whether ⁤you’re a dedicated​ vegan or​ simply looking to explore the vegetarian ⁣side of Prague’s food‌ culture, the city’s vegetarian and vegan ​offerings are guaranteed to ​leave you impressed. ​Don’t hesitate to indulge in these mouthwatering dishes‌ and experience the vibrant plant-based food scene in⁢ this remarkable city.

Final ⁤Thoughts

In conclusion, ⁢Prague ⁣is a culinary​ haven with a​ wide array ⁢of must-eat foods that ⁤will delight any food enthusiast. By​ indulging⁣ in local delicacies, you not only savor the unique flavors but also experience‌ the rich Czech cultural​ heritage. From the iconic⁢ trdelník, ‌a mouthwatering pastry, to the hearty svíčková⁢ sauce ⁤with dumplings, the city has something to offer for every palate.

One key takeaway from this article​ is⁣ that trying ⁤traditional Czech dishes is a ⁢must-do ⁣when visiting Prague. These foods reflect the country’s ⁣history, traditions, and the love Czechs have ‍for their cuisine. ‍Another ⁣takeaway is‌ that exploring local​ markets, such as the Prague Farmers’ Market,​ is ‌a great way to discover new ⁢flavors and support local producers.

Lastly, remember that ⁢Prague’s culinary scene is not limited to these⁣ suggestions; it is a city‌ full of surprises‍ and hidden ⁣gems waiting to be explored. So, don’t hesitate to venture ⁢off the⁤ beaten path⁣ and discover‌ your own⁢ must-eat foods during your ⁢visit to the enchanting city of Prague.

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