Google erweitert seine Hotelsuche von Mobiltelefonen mit Apartments von, Expedia und TripAdvisor

Google has added to its hotel search engine through its mobile application the possibility to search and also book vacation apartments from several pages such as, Expedia and Tripadvisor.

The Google app already had an own hotel search engine, with which you can search for hotels in any city, select the desired date, the number of guests, access photos and opinions of each option and other filters. This search also offers price comparisons of the different booking websites.

Now, the company has announced in a new post on its blog that this tool will also allow search and book holiday apartments from pages like HomeAway, Expedia,, NextPax, RedAwning, Rentals United, TripAdvisor or VRBO, among others.

The hotel reservation will allow you to select the location where the house should be, filter by prices, dates or amenities, and even review the opinions of former guests.

Once the option to be reserved has been decided, you only have to click on ‘reserve’ and the page will redirect the user to the official booking website where the rental is published. All property information has been provided by these pages.

This update has already been added to the mobile version of Google Hotels and, according to the company, will be added to the desktop version next month.