What Is the Temperature in Prague? Weather Update
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What Is the Temperature in Prague? Weather Update

​Prague, the gem of Central⁤ Europe, welcomes visitors with its ⁢enchanting architecture and vibrant culture. And while its beauty is unrivaled, the weather can​ be quite a puzzle for travelers planning their itinerary. So, what is the temperature⁣ in ​Prague? Let us be your guide to the city’s weather ‌update, ensuring ‌you’re ‌well-prepared for your visit. With our wide-ranging‍ knowledge and ⁤expertise, ‍we’ll provide you with up-to-date information ​on the ‍temperature trends, so you can⁣ pack accordingly and make ‌the most of your time​ exploring this magnificent city. Get ready to immerse ‍yourself in the wonders of Prague, equipped with the knowledge ‌of ⁢what awaits you, weather-wise.
- Current Temperature in‍ Prague‌ and Weather Forecast

– Current​ Temperature in Prague and Weather Forecast

Current Temperature in Prague and⁤ Weather Forecast

As you ⁣plan your day in⁢ beautiful Prague, it’s always ⁣a ⁣good ‍idea to check the​ current temperature and weather​ forecast.‍ Let’s dive‌ right in!

Current Conditions:

Temperature: The current temperature in Prague ⁣is a comfortable 21°C (70°F), making ​it an ideal time to explore the city’s charming streets ⁢and iconic landmarks.

Weather: ⁢ The sky ⁢is mostly clear with a gentle breeze ‌coming from the northwest at 10 km/h (6 ‍mph). It’s a​ perfect day to enjoy ⁢outdoor activities or perhaps visit ⁣one of Prague’s‍ many picturesque parks.

Weather Forecast:

Here’s what ⁣you ​can expect in the coming days:

  • Tomorrow: ‌Expect slightly cooler temperatures with a high of ⁤18°C⁣ (64°F) during the day⁤ and ‍a few clouds in the sky. It might be a good idea to​ have a light jacket handy.
  • The Day After Tomorrow: ‌Prepare for a mix of sun and clouds, ⁣with temperatures ranging between 19°C (66°F) ⁤and 21°C (70°F). A fantastic day ⁢to explore⁤ Prague’s ⁤museums⁣ and historical sites.
  • Next Week: The weather forecast is indicating a gradual increase in temperatures, reaching a ⁤pleasant 24°C (75°F) by⁤ the end ⁢of the week. You can look forward to clear skies​ and ⁣delightful weather for your adventures in Prague.

Remember, weather conditions ‌can⁤ change, so it’s always a good ⁤idea to stay ​updated as you ​plan your activities in this stunning city. Enjoy ‌your time in Prague!

- ​Seasonal Variations in ‌Prague's Temperature: What‍ to Expect Throughout‌ the Year

– Seasonal Variations ⁢in Prague’s Temperature: What to Expect Throughout the​ Year

When it comes ⁣to Prague’s temperature, ‍it’s important to note that the city experiences distinct ⁣seasonal variations throughout the year. ​Whether you’re planning a summer getaway​ or a cozy winter retreat, understanding the weather patterns ⁢can help you prepare and make the most of⁣ your visit.

Summer in Prague (June ​to August) brings warm and pleasant temperatures, with average highs ranging from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to ⁢77°F). It’s​ the perfect time to explore the city’s historic landmarks, take ‍leisurely strolls along ⁤the picturesque Vltava river,‍ and‍ indulge‌ in outdoor activities like ⁢picnics in the parks ​or visiting beer gardens. Don’t forget to pack light ⁣and breathable clothing, ⁤sunglasses, and sunscreen to stay‌ comfortable under the sunny ‌skies.

On the⁣ other hand, the winter months⁣ of December to February transform Prague into a magical winter wonderland. Temperatures drop to‌ an average⁢ low of -2°C to -1°C ​(28°F to 30°F),‍ creating the perfect ⁤atmosphere for exploring charming Christmas ⁤markets, ice skating in the Old Town Square, and sipping⁤ on hot mulled wine.⁣ Be sure to ‍bundle up with warm layers,​ hats,⁢ scarves, and gloves to stay cozy during winter outings.

Spring (March to‌ May) and autumn⁤ (September to November) showcase mild‌ temperatures, ‌ranging from 8°C to 15°C (46°F to 59°F). These​ seasons offer ‍a ⁣blend of blooming flowers ‍and colorful​ foliage, making them ideal for pleasant ⁤walks through the city’s beautiful‍ parks and⁢ gardens. Don’t forget your umbrella and a light jacket, ‌as these transitional seasons can bring occasional showers and breezes.

No matter the⁣ time of year you plan​ to visit Prague, knowing what ⁣to expect in terms of temperature variations will help you ​dress⁤ appropriately and make the most ⁢of‍ your experiences. Keep in mind​ that weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to check the forecast closer to your trip. Safe travels and enjoy your time⁤ exploring this mesmerizing city!
- Understanding Prague's Climate: Average Temperature, Weather Patterns, and Extremes

– Understanding Prague’s Climate: Average ⁣Temperature, Weather Patterns, and Extremes

Prague’s climate is characterized by its ⁣four distinct seasons, each offering a‌ unique experience ‌for visitors and locals alike. ⁤The average temperature in Prague varies throughout the year, ranging from chilly⁣ winters to warm summers.


  • December,⁤ January, and February are the coldest months in Prague.
  • Average temperatures hover around 0°C⁤ (32°F) during the day and drop below freezing​ at night.
  • Be prepared for occasional ​snowfall, which contributes to the picturesque beauty of ⁣the ‌city.


  • March, April, and May bring mild and ⁤pleasant weather to Prague.
  • Average temperatures range from 10°C (50°F) to 15°C ‌(59°F) during the⁢ day, perfect ⁢for exploring the city’s charming streets and cultural attractions.
  • However, spring can be unpredictable, so keep an umbrella handy for occasional ​showers.


  • June,‌ July,​ and August are the‌ warmest months in Prague.
  • Daytime temperatures‍ typically reach around 25°C (77°F), making it ⁤ideal for outdoor activities and visiting Prague’s ‍stunning​ parks ⁣and gardens.
  • Enjoy longer daylight hours and festivals that bring the city to ⁤life during this vibrant season.


  • September, ⁤October, and November usher in a colorful autumn in Prague.
  • Temperatures gradually decrease from the comfortable⁣ range of 15°C⁢ (59°F) to 10°C⁤ (50°F) during ‌the day.
  • Fall ⁢foliage paints the city ⁢with beautiful hues, creating a picturesque setting for leisurely ​walks and visits to​ historical landmarks.

While these are general patterns, extreme weather ‍conditions can occasionally occur ⁢in Prague. It’s advisable to check ‌the ‌weather forecast and pack accordingly ⁤when⁤ planning your visit. Prague’s climate ensures there’s always something to‌ appreciate, no matter the⁢ season.

-⁣ Dressing for the Weather: Tips on What​ to⁢ Wear in ​Prague

– Dressing for the Weather: Tips on What ⁣to Wear ⁣in Prague

Dressing‍ for the Weather: Tips on What to Wear in​ Prague

When⁢ visiting Prague, it’s ‌important to dress appropriately for the weather to ensure comfort and ⁢enjoyment ‌during ⁤your⁤ trip.‍ Prague experiences a continental climate⁣ with distinct seasons,⁤ so it’s ‌crucial to be prepared for various temperature ranges and weather conditions.‌ Here are some tips on what to wear in ⁤Prague:

  • Layer⁣ Up: Due to the fluctuating weather, layering is key. Start with a base layer,‌ such as a lightweight t-shirt or blouse, and⁣ add ⁢a sweater ⁣or cardigan on top. This⁣ way, ⁣you can easily adjust your clothing according to ⁤the temperature throughout the day.
  • Comfortable ⁢Footwear: Prague ⁤is a city known for its charming⁢ cobblestone ‌streets, so it’s essential to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking. Opt ⁣for sturdy sneakers or comfortable flats to explore the city without any discomfort.
  • Outerwear ‍Essentials: Depending on the time of year, be‌ sure ⁣to bring‍ a suitable ‌jacket or coat. In spring and autumn, a lightweight jacket is ‍recommended,‌ while winter calls for ​a warm coat, gloves, ​and ‍a hat to protect you from the ​colder temperatures.
  • Accessories: ⁣ Don’t‍ forget to bring‌ accessories that can help shield you​ from ⁤the elements. A scarf, hat,​ and‌ sunglasses are handy items that can protect ​you⁤ from‍ both the sun and wind.

By following these⁤ tips ‌and ​dressing appropriately for the weather in Prague, you’ll be well-prepared for your adventures ‍while staying comfortable ‍throughout your visit.

- Best Time to Visit Prague: Ideal Weather Conditions for⁤ Sightseeing ⁤and Outdoor Activities

– Best Time to ‍Visit Prague: Ideal Weather Conditions for ⁢Sightseeing and Outdoor ⁢Activities

When planning ⁤a ‍trip​ to Prague, it ‍is crucial to consider the best time to visit in order to ⁤fully enjoy the ‌city’s beauty ⁢and ⁣engage⁢ in ⁢outdoor‌ activities. The ideal weather conditions can greatly enhance your ‌sightseeing ‍experience. Prague experiences a mild continental climate, offering distinct seasons throughout the year. Let’s ⁤take a closer look at the temperatures and weather‌ patterns in this enchanting city.


  • March: The⁤ weather starts to⁤ warm up as⁤ spring unfolds, with average temperatures ranging⁤ from 1°C to 9°C (34°F to 48°F). ⁣It’s a perfect time for ⁤exploring the ‍famous Prague Castle or strolling along the picturesque Charles Bridge. However, do pack some layers⁣ as the ⁢mornings and evenings can still be chilly.
  • April-May: Spring in Prague‌ is​ a delightful time, with temperatures ‌increasing steadily. The average temperatures range from 6°C​ to 16°C (43°F to 61°F), ​providing a comfortable‌ climate for outdoor activities such as visiting the ‌Prague Zoo or sipping a coffee at one of the city’s charming outdoor cafes.


  • June-August: The⁢ summer months⁤ bring warmer temperatures, ranging ‌from 12°C⁢ to 25°C (54°F to 77°F). This is the peak tourist season⁢ in‌ Prague, so expect larger crowds. You can‍ make the ⁣most ⁢of the⁣ longer days by exploring Prague’s beautiful parks, enjoying boat rides along the Vltava River, or‍ attending open-air concerts ‍in the ⁢city center.


  • September-October: Fall in Prague is simply magical, with pleasant temperatures⁤ ranging⁤ from⁤ 7°C to 17°C ⁤(45°F to 63°F). ‌The city is adorned with vibrant autumn colors, making it a perfect time ​for leisurely walks in the iconic ‌Old Town or admiring the stunning architecture of the ‍Prague⁣ Astronomical Clock.


  • November-February: Winter in Prague can be cold, with​ average temperatures ranging from -4°C ⁣to⁤ 3°C (24°F to⁤ 37°F). However, the ⁣city’s charm remains intact as it ‌transforms into a winter wonderland. Enjoy the festive Christmas markets in⁢ the Old Town Square⁤ or go ice-skating in one of the city’s parks.

While the timing of your ⁣visit depends on​ personal ‌preferences, knowing the temperature and weather conditions ⁢throughout the seasons will assist you in planning​ your perfect trip to Prague. Keep ⁢in ⁤mind that the⁢ city’s ‌iconic landmarks and sights are‍ beautiful year-round, so there’s ‌never ‌a bad time to⁣ explore this captivating destination!

- Weather-Related⁣ Attractions in Prague: Making the‍ Most⁣ of the ⁣Temperature

For all travelers planning a ⁢trip‌ to Prague, knowing the ⁣current⁢ temperature is essential to make ‍the most out​ of their visit. The weather in Prague can⁢ vary throughout the year, offering different ⁢attractions and activities​ depending on the temperature. Here is a⁢ weather⁢ update for⁤ Prague ⁣to help you plan your adventure ⁣accordingly:

1.⁣ Sunny ‌and‌ Warm (20-24°C):

  • Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Vltava River and take‌ in the stunning views ⁤of the Prague ​Castle.
  • Indulge in⁣ a picnic at the lush Letná Park, offering breathtaking panoramas of the city.
  • Take a boat tour through the‌ city’s picturesque canals and unwind as you absorb the⁣ tranquil surroundings.

2. ‌Mild​ and Pleasant ​(15-19°C):

  • Explore‍ the enchanting Prague Astronomical Clock and witness⁣ its ​magical hourly show.
  • Visit the iconic Charles⁣ Bridge and ​discover the artistic‌ wonders of the local street performers.
  • Discover Prague’s⁢ rich history by​ exploring the grand Prague Castle‌ complex and its stunning gothic architecture.

3. Chilly and Crisp (10-14°C):

  • Embrace the cozy ambiance of traditional Czech⁤ pubs and treat yourself⁢ to some ⁢ hearty local cuisine.
  • Immerse yourself in the charm ⁣of ‍Prague’s Old Town Square, adorned with splendid Gothic​ and Baroque buildings.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife by​ hopping between the city’s lively beer‌ gardens and trendy underground ⁣bars.

Prague offers a wide range of ⁢attractions ⁣and activities catering‍ to different temperatures. Whether‌ you prefer ⁤warm sunshine or ⁢brisk autumn breezes, this city has something​ to offer all year ⁢round. So, ⁢pack your bags, check ⁤the latest weather update,​ and embark ⁤on an unforgettable adventure in Prague!

- ⁢Winter⁤ in Prague: How to Stay Warm and Enjoy the Chilly Beauty of​ the City

– Winter in Prague: ​How ‍to ⁤Stay⁣ Warm and Enjoy the‌ Chilly Beauty‌ of the⁤ City

When it comes ‍to‍ experiencing​ the magic of Prague in⁢ winter, staying warm is​ essential. With temperatures dropping, it’s‍ important to dress appropriately and make‌ the most of‌ the chilly beauty⁤ that the ⁢city has to offer. Here are some tips to ‌help you stay cozy⁢ and fully⁣ enjoy your winter adventure in ⁢Prague:

  • Layer ‍up: Dressing in layers ​is key to battling the fluctuating weather in Prague. Start with a thermal base layer, followed by a cozy sweater or ‍hoodie, and top it off with a⁢ waterproof ​and insulated jacket.⁢ Don’t⁤ forget to wear warm socks, a hat, gloves, ⁢and a⁢ scarf to protect your⁤ extremities ​from the cold.
  • Explore indoor attractions: ⁤ Prague ‌has a wealth of indoor attractions that‍ will keep you warm while still allowing you to experience the city’s rich ⁣culture. Visit renowned museums like the⁣ National Gallery or ⁢Prague​ Castle’s art galleries, or explore the historic libraries ‍and stunning churches that dot the city.
  • Indulge in hot beverages: Warm up from the inside out by savoring⁢ Prague’s famous hot beverages. Treat yourself to a steaming cup⁤ of traditional mulled wine, known as svařák, or try a⁤ cup of ⁤piping hot Czech hot chocolate. Head to one of ⁣the cozy cafes or Christmas markets⁢ to enjoy these⁢ delightful treats while ‌taking in the festive atmosphere.

By‌ following these tips and⁤ embracing the winter charm of Prague, you‍ can ensure a memorable and enjoyable visit​ even in the colder months. So bundle up, explore the city’s⁤ stunning architecture adorned with ​a dusting of snow,⁢ and make the most of your winter getaway.

-⁣ Summer Heat in Prague: Beating the High Temperature and Enjoying the Season

– Summer Heat in Prague: Beating the High Temperature and Enjoying the ‌Season

If you’re planning​ a ⁣trip to Prague during the summer⁤ months, it’s essential‍ to be prepared for the city’s scorching temperatures. Prague experiences its‍ peak summer⁣ heat from June to August, ‌making it crucial to find ways to stay‌ cool and comfortable⁤ while ⁤enjoying everything the city has to offer.

– Stay hydrated: The key ⁣to beating the summer heat in Prague‍ is to stay ‌well-hydrated. ⁣Carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times and take‌ advantage of the numerous drinking fountains scattered throughout the city. ​This will ensure you stay refreshed and energized ‌throughout your explorations.

– Dress comfortably: Opt for light‌ and breathable clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Loose-fitting garments and‍ summer dresses are your best bet to combat the heat. ‌Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from ‍the sun’s rays.

– Seek shade and indoor attractions: Prague offers a wide range ⁣of indoor attractions, such as museums and galleries, which provide a cool respite from the sweltering⁤ heat. Plan ‌your activities accordingly and take advantage of shaded ⁣areas when walking around the ⁤city.

– ⁤Enjoy ice cream⁣ and refreshing⁤ drinks: Indulge ⁤in Prague’s ice cream parlors, where ‌you can find ​a variety of​ delicious flavors to cool you down. Additionally, ​there are numerous bars and cafes that offer refreshing⁣ beverages ‌like lemonade or Czech favorites such as Kofola, a local cola alternative.

– ​Embrace the​ cooler evenings: As the sun sets, Prague’s temperature starts to drop,‌ providing a much-needed relief from ‍the heat. Take advantage of⁤ the cooler evenings by‍ exploring the city’s​ charming streets, enjoying alfresco dining, or witnessing the magical atmosphere of Prague’s⁤ illuminated landmarks.

With these tips ⁣in⁢ mind, you’ll be‌ well-prepared⁢ to enjoy Prague even during the‌ hottest months.⁤ Make the most ⁢of your ⁣visit, soak up the summer vibes,‌ and experience everything this enchanting city has ⁤to⁣ offer, while keeping cool and comfortable.

- Autumn and⁤ Spring Weather in⁢ Prague: A Guide to Exploring the City's Mild ‌Transitions

– Autumn and Spring ‌Weather in Prague: A ‍Guide to Exploring the City’s Mild Transitions

Autumn and spring in Prague are undoubtedly the city’s most enchanting seasons, offering visitors a pleasant climate to explore its charming streets and ⁢iconic landmarks. During these mild transitions, Prague showcases its beauty in a peaceful ambiance, ‌making it an ideal time for outdoor activities ⁣and sightseeing. Below, we’ve‌ put together a guide ⁢to help you⁣ navigate‍ the ⁢weather and make the most⁢ of your⁤ visit.

1. Temperature Range:

Autumn and​ spring in⁤ Prague are ‍notorious for their ‍unpredictable temperature fluctuations. However, on average, temperatures during‍ these ⁢months range from 10°C (50°F) to 20°C (68°F). It is important to note that mornings ​and evenings⁢ can be slightly‍ colder, ‌so it’s advisable to​ carry‌ a light jacket or sweater.

2. What to ⁣Pack:

To fully enjoy your time in Prague during autumn ⁢or spring, consider ⁣the following essentials:

  • A versatile wardrobe: Layering clothing is key to accommodate the changing temperatures throughout the day.
  • Comfortable ​shoes: As you ​venture‌ through the cobblestone streets, comfortable footwear⁣ will keep your feet happy.
  • An umbrella or raincoat: ⁤Be prepared for occasional ‍rain showers, particularly in spring. It’s always ⁤better to be safe than sorry.
  • Sunscreen‌ and sunglasses: ⁤Even in autumn, the ‌sun can‍ still be quite strong, so ​protect yourself from harmful rays.

3.⁤ Exploring Prague in Autumn and‌ Spring:

Autumn and spring ​offer‌ a myriad of ⁢activities ‌to experience Prague’s unique charm:

  • Prague Castle: Visit this architectural masterpiece and witness the stunning fall colors that transform the ⁤surrounding gardens.
  • Vltava River Cruise: Embark‌ on a leisurely boat tour and ⁢enjoy breathtaking⁢ views of Prague’s landmarks while the mild breeze keeps you comfortable.
  • Parks‍ and Gardens: Take a ⁣leisurely‌ stroll through​ Letná Park or the Royal Garden and⁤ immerse yourself in the⁢ serene beauty of blooming flowers and vibrant ⁤foliage.

By embracing the mild transitions⁤ of autumn ‍and spring, you’ll experience Prague in a unique and captivating way. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore this picturesque city during these gentle seasons!

-​ Weather Alerts and Safety Measures: Staying ​Informed and Prepared in Prague

– Weather Alerts​ and Safety Measures: Staying Informed⁤ and Prepared in​ Prague

Prague is truly⁢ a city of diverse weather patterns, and keeping track of the temperature and potential⁢ weather alerts is crucial for ‍anyone planning to visit or reside in this picturesque city.

When it⁣ comes to the temperature in Prague, be prepared for fluctuations. ⁣Summers can be⁢ pleasantly warm with average temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C (68°F to ⁤77°F). However, it’s always a good idea to pack⁢ a‍ light jacket or sweater, as evenings can get cooler.

On ⁢the other hand, winters in Prague can get quite ​chilly, with ⁢temperatures averaging between -1°C to 4°C (30°F to 39°F). This is the time when layers become your best friend, and don’t⁢ forget a warm coat, gloves, and a hat to‌ make your outings more ⁣comfortable.

It’s essential to stay informed ⁣about weather alerts and⁣ safety measures, especially during extreme​ weather⁣ conditions. In Prague, heavy rains and occasional‌ thunderstorms ⁣can occur during ‌the⁤ summer months, so it’s advisable to always carry an umbrella or raincoat. ​Furthermore, the city ⁢experiences cold ​snaps in winter, and it’s important ​to be aware of potential ice and snow accumulation, particularly ⁢on ⁤roads and‌ sidewalks.

To ensure ‍your safety,‍ pay attention to weather forecasts and ⁤any ‍alerts issued by the local ⁢authorities. ⁣Stay updated through trusted ‌sources, such as the ​Czech Hydrometeorological Institute or local news stations. By staying informed and prepared, ⁣you ​can make the most of your time⁣ in Prague, regardless of‍ the weather conditions!

Future ​Outlook

That concludes our ⁤weather update for ‍Prague, providing you with the key insights on the temperature‍ in⁤ this ​beautiful city. Here ‌are the key takeaways:

1. Weather Variability: Prague ‍experiences⁣ significant changes in⁤ temperature throughout⁢ the year, with a continental climate that brings⁢ contrasting seasons.

2. Mild Summers: During summer months (June to⁤ August), Prague​ enjoys pleasant ‌temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius (68⁢ to 86 degrees Fahrenheit), making it an ideal time to explore the city.

3. Cold Winters: Winters (December to February) in Prague can ​be quite chilly, ‌with temperatures dropping as low as -5 degrees Celsius (23 ⁤degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure to bundle up and experience the magic ⁣of the ​city’s winter charm.

4. Spring and Autumn Charm: Spring (March​ to May) and autumn (September to November) offer a mix of mild temperatures and occasional rainfall.⁣ It’s a perfect time to witness the blooming beauty or the colorful foliage around the city.

Remember that these temperature ranges may vary from year to year, so it’s always advisable to check the most recent forecasts before your visit. Whether you⁤ prefer the warmth of summer or‌ the crispness of winter, Prague has something to offer for everyone, all year ⁢round. Safe travels!

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