Airbnb wird die Verhaltensstandards seit 2020 verschärfen und den Bürgermeistern direkten Kontakt bieten

Airbnb will reinforce from the beginning of 2020 the rules of behavior among travelers, hosts and cities around the world where it operates, to avoid excessive noise, unauthorized guests, parking not allowed, smoking and dirt that requires cleaning after payment.

In addition, during 2020 it will specify a type of direct communication «where mayors and municipal officials will be able to connect with the appropriate Airbnb representatives» about these new policies, according to a platform statement.

The guest who fails to comply with the new rules will receive a first warning and «any further violation of the rules may result in the suspension or deletion of the account.»

To determine defaults, Airbnb will accept information directly from the hosts or neighbors, through the Airbnb Neighborhood Tool or the next direct neighbor line of the platform.


Airbnb does not prohibit authorized events (there are guests who book ads to host meetings that respect their rules and neighbors), but «open invitation» parties are prohibited in private homes and multi-family residences (for single-family homes, the hosts set the rules of the house in coherence with the community).

The exception will be made with the advertisements of traditional accommodation listed on Airbnb (such as boutique hotels and venues for professional events), which can set their own rules at open invitation parties, although complaints will also be addressed.

According to Airbnb data, from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019, the incidents reported by a host or traveler occurred in 0.05% of trips on Airbnb; and trips with claims amounting to $ 500 or more accounted for 0.03%.